The Dark Age was a bizarre and wonderful time. Medieval people were obsessed with mythical creatures, and anything that was considered "deformed against human kind." However, their idea of monsters differs dramatically from what we consider monstrous today. This includes unusual maturation rates (being born in a form of an old man; living to a hundred years); mental illness (many jesters were believed to be insane); disabilities; homosexuals; cannibals; and having an appearance that assembles a wild animal (wild man).
This series of illustrations was inspired by illuminated manuscripts, herbal and animal bestiaries, paintings, and medieval texts describing the "monsters." Inspired by a Japanese art form called kintsuji—repairing broken pottery with gold—I applied gold leaves to the "cracks" and imperfections of the illustrations caused by the risograph. These people might be "monsters" in the Medieval era, but they are beautiful and glorious in my eyes. 

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