I'm a graphic designer and art history enthusiast. I love quirky designs and going to museums—one of the reasons why I decided to pursue both Graphic Design and Art History at Portland State University in Portland, OR. 
As a designer, my interests include art direction, editorial/layout, user experience design, and set design. I like getting crafty with whatever materials available around the house. I also love experimenting with colors and texture, and don’t mind getting my hands dirty with illustrations. I’m learning to be better at web and interactive design, as well as motion graphics.
As an art history junkie, I’m into ancient Greek art, Medieval architecture, Japanese ukiyo-e, and Portuguese azulejo. Feel free to start any conversations with me about morbid things like the Black Death or the Pompeii volcanic eruption! 
I have Alt-J’s music on repeat when I work, or Parks and Recreation in the background when I feel rebellious (which is always the case). 
Oh and did I mention I’m a crazy egg lady?

Favorite place in the world—Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite book—Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Design heroes—Jessica Hische and Margo Chase
Recent design obsessions—the em dash and drop caps